How Understanding Latin Led to the Scoop of a Lifetime

Chirri was the first journalist in the world to report Pope Benedict’s resignation– thanks to her knowledge of Latin!

0211_giovanna_chirri_g.jpg_687088226Click here to read the article.


2 thoughts on “How Understanding Latin Led to the Scoop of a Lifetime

  1. There was an Italian Journalist who benefited from her knowledge of Latin. During the Pope’s speech she picked up some signs that he was tired and felt too much pressure sounding like he wanted to resign. It was spoken in Latin! Because of Latin knowledge she picked up this hidden scoop. She was the first and basically only person to pick up these signs and she alerted the rest of the world of it. She had the scoop of a lifetime all because of her knowledge of Latin! This encourages younger journalists to focus on their education of the classics.

  2. The article “How understanding Latin led to the scoop of a lifetime” by Deacon Greg Kandra is all about a reporter’s knowledge of Latin leading her to be the first to realize an incredibly important piece of information. When the Pope resigned it shocked not only our nation but people all across the globe. Giovanna Chirri was one of, if not the first, person to know about the pope’s resignation. When listening to a speech of his, using her knowledge of Latin, she was able to understand what he was saying about his being tired and wanting to stop. She notified the head of the Vatican. This is interesting to me as I usually only think of Latin as being use in daily life, other than being a latin teacher etc., for vocabulary and SATs.

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