Book of Kells: Part One

Check out this folio from the Book of Kells below. What do you see in the picture? How many people are there? What do they look like and what are they doing? What images can you see on the boarder? Using your Latin paleography guide, transcribe the Latin at the top of the page. After you have transcribed the Latin correctly, you will translate. Transcribing Latin is figuring out what the Latin letters and words are, and writing them down. Translating is figuring out the meaning of the Latin words.

Check your Latin transcription with me. Once it is correct, you will receive the password for a post that provides the key to unlocking the meaning of this sacred text.

Where to begin?

1. Do you see the green vine above the man on the left? Does it look like a letter in English?

Yes…it is the letter H.

2. There are two words on the first line.

3. There are three words on the third line. The first word is in.


Bonam fortunam!

Codex Manuscript Book of Kells 9th Century_Página_227


5 thoughts on “Book of Kells: Part One

  1. there are 3 people, they look like warriors, the people in the back are taking away the person in the front, and on the boarders there are two snake looking things

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