Arch of Titus, Rome (81 AD)





Can you translate the inscription? Explain the noun cases. The inscription in Roman square capitals reads:





14 thoughts on “Arch of Titus, Rome (81 AD)

  1. Translation:
    The Senate and the People of Rome to divine Titus son of divine Vespasian
    by Vespasian the Revered.

    The Case of “Divo” (dative) matches “Tito” and “Divi” matches “Vespasiani” (genitive). Filio is genitive and makes the translation the son OF Vespasian.

    Senatus Populusque Romanus is self explanatory.

  2. Sorry I forgot to add the explanations. Senatus Populusque Romanus is Nominative plural. Divo Tito is Dative. Divi Vespasiani is Genitive. Filio is dative referring to Titus. Vespasiano Augusto is Ablative.

  3. The Senate and Roman People
    To the divine Titus son of Vespasian
    By Vespasian Agustus
    Senatus (nom. pl.) Populusque (nom. pl. + que) Romanus (an adjective that takes the nom. pl.) Divo (adjective that takes dat. sing.) Tito (dat. sing.) Divi (adjective that takes the gen. sing.) Vespasiani (gen. sing.) Vespasiano (abl. sing.) Augusto (Abl. sing.)

  4. The Senate and the Roman people
    To divine Titus son of divine Vespasian
    By Augustus Vespasian

    Tito is dative, and divo refers to titus. Divi Vespasiani both end in i, meaning they are genitive and refer to each other. The words in the last line both end in o, which indicates they are ablative and that they refer to each other.

  5. The Senate and the Roman People
    To Divine Titus son of Divine Vespasiano
    Augustus Vespasiano

    Titus is Dative
    Filio is dative
    Vespasiano is Genetive
    Augustus Vespasiano is Nominative

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