More Manuscript Mysteries

Take a peek at this manuscript.  Can you figure out who wrote it, where it was published, or when?  (Hint on the when:  look to the bottom, learn your Roman numerals!)  (Hint on the who:  kind of a big deal).  Look at the first four words.  Try to translate, using the vocab provided below the image. Also – what seems to be going on in the drawing?!  Good luck.



philosophia, philosophiae – philosophy

naturalis, naturalis – natural (adjective)

principium, principii – beginning

matematicus, a, um – mathematical (also an adjective)


15 thoughts on “More Manuscript Mysteries

  1. Philosophy is mathematical with nature and the beginning???
    1,760 years ago?
    It was was published in what is now Geneva
    Did Isaaco Newtono write it?
    There’s a girl in the picture, and little flying angels??
    From: Kathryn

  2. Philosophies of Nature Mathematical Beginnings, Written by Isaac Newton, Published in 1740 in Geneva, There are little Cupids using early mathematics e.g. geometry.

  3. Isaac Newton
    Mathematical Philosophy of Natural Beginning
    Cherubs are taking measurements and observing the world while a sort of mother figure watches them.

  4. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. Isaac Newton. Geneva. 1740. It shows angelic figures and other beings discovering various mathematical principles and comprehending concepts with the use of devices such as protractors and compasses.

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